$27,900 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Westport Log Home

$27,900 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Westport Log Home

Looking for a smaller log house that will suit your needs? This This $50,800 Compact Ranch has two bedrooms and an open concept living area, great for entertaining and everyday use. If we think back to how people used to build log houses throughout history, we can see that many of the methods people used back then, are still being used now. Log home building is quite a strenuous job, to say the least, and it requires a lot of building knowledge and skill. Back before modern day equipment and mills, people had to go out and source all of their own materials. So a person would go into a forest to find the perfect trees to use for wood, and then chop them down by hand. Then, they would have to haul the logs back to the building site to prepare them for use. The logs are not ready to use instantaneously of course, and they have to dry out completely first. There weren't any kilns back then, which is a modern fast track way of drying out the logs, so people would have had to wait for them to air dry in the sun which, you can imagine, can take quite a long time. Once the logs were dry enough, they had to hand peel the bark off of the log, which is a very hard job, and then, they had to hand cut all of the notches and grooves into the log to prepare them to be fit together. Once all of that was done, the building process came, which was quite a hefty job with no equipment. People would help one another out in building their log homes to take care of some of the heavy lifting. No wonder people built such small houses back then when they had to do it all themselves.

There are still handcrafted log home building companies who will build your log house from scratch in the old fashioned way, but this way costs more in labour and takes longer than building log home kits like this Westport log house. The Westport is a nice, smaller sized log house from Coventry Log Homes, found in their Tradesman Series. They also feature a Craftsmen Series, which would be for people who want the old fashioned log home building methods with their own custom plan. Coventry Log Homes also has a Cabin Series and a Recreational Series of log home kits that are perfect for that cabin at the lake or in the woods, but many of them don't come with the required items to be a full time dwelling. The Tradesman Series of log houses has many of the similar styles to those in the Craftsmen Series, just at a more affordable rate. You can cut costs on your log home building budget by using the more affordable woods like spruce, pine and fir over more expensive woods like cedar, which you have to request when you order a kit through the company. Cedar also costs more because it has to be shipped out from the west coast since that's where Cedars grow naturally.

The Westport has two bedrooms and one bathroom in 768 square feet of space. There is no loft in this log house though, which some of the other models from Coventry do have in their floor plan. You may be able to work in a loft for this plan to use for storage space. This log home building kit is a great place to start when you want a log house, but you are on a tight budget.***

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