$32,200 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Stoney Creek Log Home

$32,200 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Stoney Creek Log Home

The Stoney Creek is a ranch style home cabin kit that has an optional basement package to match. The log cabin home kit has a back door that opens to the laundry/mudroom off the kitchen making it accessible for backyard activities. You can get the complete six by eight package for $57,850 or with the optional basement for $72,742 for the complete package. Either way, the Stoney Creek is a nice sized 1,012 square foot log home for a small family or couple. This home cabin kit has two bedrooms and two baths for a comfortable log cabin away. To the Mountaineer log cabin home kit, you also might opt to add a garage to your location with a variety of options to include one, two and three car garage styles.

These log cabin homes kits are built indoors in factory settings. Because of this, you don't have to deal with costly weather delays, making this style of log house packages more cost effective than a log home built from scratch. Prefab home cabin kits appraise the same as standard on-site built log homes, and just like any structure do not depreciate. Prefab homes can also be customized to the way you want, with more detailed log home designs costing you more. A prefab home cabin kit can also be added and expanded upon, when you might need more space as your family grows, or when you can afford it. Most prefab home cabin kits companies have engineering departments with in-house software like CAD (Computer Aided Design) to help design the log home of your dreams. There are also many popular predesigned log home kits you can choose from. Prefab cabin kits for sale come in a wide variety of sizes, floor plans, and designs to include everything from rustic, modern, a mixture of both rustic and modern and everything in between. Prefab cabin kits for sale can also be used for commercial applications, to include office buildings and businesses. Prefabricated home cabin kits are considered to be a green style of building and are also environmentally friendly (provided the log home company practices sustainable business and logging practices). Prefab log home cabin kits are faster to build than homes that are built 100 percent on site. It is also good to know that just like a custom built home, prefab log home kits are built to withstand what Mother Nature and the environment can throw at them. Prefab log homes can typically be constructed and built up to three times faster than a traditional custom home build, so that means you can have your new house that much sooner. Prefab log home designs can be easily shipped and assembled once they arrive at the building site. There is something special about a log home design, a home that is always inviting and with the use of all those natural building materials, it is a home that you can feel good about living in. With so many prefab log home designs to choose from, owning the log house design of your dreams can be a reality with designs to suit most any budget, need, and preference of log home design.

The Stoney Creek cabin kit for sale is just one of the rancher style log home kits you will find on the Coventry Log Homes site. Coventry can ship your home cabin kits to your building site where you can make your log cabin dreams come true. With 70 models to choose from, to include cabins kits for sale big and small, there is a home cabin kit for every budget and lifestyle need. **

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