8 Homes That Are 100% Powered By The Sun

8 Homes That Are 100% Powered By The Sun

You will love these 8 Homes That Are 100% Powered By The Sun. Solar-powered off grid houses are no longer reserved just for the rich. Never have solar powered and off grid houses been more affordable and attractive than the solar powered houses of today. You will want to take a look at these solar and off grid houses on the grounds of Irvine, California, where the United States Department of Energys 2015 Solar Decathlon took place. The collegiate competition featured 14 student teams who designed, built and operated more than a dozen amazing off grid houses that are 100 percent powered by the sun. The following are just eight of the off grid life houses from the competition.

Some examples of off grid life on the list include the Nest Home by Missouri University of Science and Technology. For this off grid houses design, reclaimed materials were used. This off the grid housing design is net-zero off the grid housing design built out of three recycled shipping containers. The off grid life design was inspired by the shape of a birds nest and includes several energy efficient systems, like a greywater reuse, a hydroponic garden, and a photovoltaic array. Another of the houses off the grid include the Inhouse by California Polytechnic State University. This house off the grid is net-zero off the grid housing that lets you keep your garden intact even in times of drought. The off the grid housing is shaded by a solar panel-topped structure, with a water-smart Inhouse that drains all of its greywaters into a constructed wetland system that then filters and redirects the water into a landscape irrigation. The houses off the grid also includes a home monitoring system that tracks and sends real-time building performance data to a smartphone app. Another of the off grid house plans is the Shelter3 by Crowder College and Drury University. This off the grid house plans is a strong home that will stand up to big storms. The off grid house plans are powered with a photovoltaic system thatll supply more electricity than it needs, in a tornado-proof off grid house plans that ensure self-sufficiency even when the grid is destroyed. Students from Crowder College and Drury University home designed the net-zero off grid life.

There are many ways to live the off grid life. From using a green roof on off grid houses to keep your house warm and, more energy efficient to installing solar panels. Living in houses off the grid typically means that the off the grid houses is not connected to the main power grid. Living an off grid life typically means that the off grid houses are not connected to the main power grid. Off grid houses typically means that the houses off the grid are not connected to the national or main electrical grid. Off the grid house plans can rely on alone power systems or mini-grids. Off the grid housing electricity is an approach to access electricity that is used in some countries and areas that have little access to electricity, due to scattered or distant populations. Off the grid house plans can refer to living in off grid house plans that are self-sufficient, without reliance on one or more public utilities.

These are just some of the off grid houses you will see on the "Inhabitat" site. This site has all sorts of interesting topics from news, environment, architecture, design, innovation and more. On the site, you will find all sorts of ideas for off grid life, off grid houses and houses off the grid to name a few. *

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